Military Recruiters Ordered To Hide In Civilian Clothes, No Uniforms Allowed

  • by: Alan Duke

By Alan Duke, Lead Stories Editor-in-Chief

All U.S. military recruiters have been ordered to put their uniforms away and wear civilian clothes as a security measure in the wake of last week's attack on a Chattanooga, Tennessee, recruiting station that killed five service members, Lead Stories has confirmed.

A visit to the Armed Forces Recruiting Station in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Monday afternoon found two U.S. Army sergeants wearing civilian clothes as they sat behind their desks talking to potential recruits.

One sergeant explained the order came down soon after the Chattanooga attack, which is suspected to have been a "lone wolf" assault inspired by ISIS, the Middle Eastern terror group.

The Pentagon press office has declined requests by Lead Stories for confirmation and explanation of the decision to hide U.S. military recruiters in plaid shirts and jeans, and not uniforms.

A small black Army pin, the kind any civilian could wear, was the only indication the sergeant who spoke to Lead Stories was in the military.

Lead Stories' Trendolizer first detected the non-uniform order Monday in a story posted by the MilitaryTimes.com. The report said Defense Secretary Ash Carter approved the order on Friday as part of a package of recommendations to increase security at recruiting stations in case Thursday's attack, which targeted two recruiting offices, was part of a larger plot against recruiters.

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