Brussels Police Shot At (Possibly With AK-47) During House Search

  • by: Maarten Schenk

BREAKING NEWS STORY: check for live updates below.

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Belgian media are reporting that police came under fire during a house search in Vorst, a suburb of Brussels. One officer was hurt and a suspect is on the run. The raid was connected to the investigation into the Paris terror attacks a few months ago.

Live updates:

: Final balance: one suspect dead, two fled, four policemen injured.

: Confirmation: one suspect killed.

: Source: one suspect 'neutralized':

: Reports of more gunfire, police assault going on.

: French police officers were present at the search, but none of them were hurt.

: Two separate shooting incidents: first police team wanted to execute a search warrant, was immediately fired on with automatic weapon, dozens of shots fired, suspects got away. Later on, police snipers arrived on the scene and more shots were heard.

: One of the three injured police officers reported to be seriously hurt.

: Reports are talking about two suspects holed up in an appartment. Saleh Abdeslam (wanted in connection with the Paris attacks) is not one of them.

: Snipers on rooftops, Belgian TV reports more shots heard.


: Police are asking media to stop broadcasting live from the scene.

: Reports from the scene say one or two suspects are still holed up inside an appartment building according to the mayor of Forest.

: All live video feeds from the scene have apparently been shut down. We could see police approaching the cameras as someone said in french "I'm going to disconnect it."



: Civilians are being evacuated from the area on lockdown.

: Several schools inside the security perimeter are on lockdown.


: Latest reports: three officers injured.


: Helicopter and armoured vehicles deployed to the scene:

: Security perimeter enlarged, government buildings reinforced:


: BBC ignores call from local police:

: Police ask not to tweet photos or video of the scene. Belgian Twitter user responds by tweeting sprouts:


: Calls go out on social media to tweet cat pictures instead of info that might help the terror suspects.

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: Witnesses say a security perimeter has been established, unclear if suspects still inside.

: Suspects reportedly holed up in dental laboratory:



: Unconfirmed:

: Special police units are on the scene.


: Three police officers reported to be lightly injured.

: Update: a second suspect is reportedly also on the run.


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