Oregon Standoff Last Dance? More Surrender, But Four Holdouts Fear FBI Raid

  • by: Alan Duke

Just four protesters remain in the camp where dozens were holed up at an Oregon wildlife refuge for past month, according to one of the men still there.

Five people left overnight because "they really weren't ready to die," the unidentified protester said in a video posted Thursday morning.

This video was posted by one of the holdouts Thursday morning of a husband and wife having what they feared might be their "last dance" before being killed or captured by the FBI.

The holdouts are negotiating with the FBI about a possible surrender, but they expect they will face federal felony charges despite a promise that they would not be arrested, he said.

A felony could mean five years in prison and a loss of the right to vote or own guns, he said.

It "feels unfair" considering how Black Lives Matter protesters were not charged for rioting in Ferguson, Missouri, he said. "They went to the riots with intentions of robbing and burning down the city."

The white protesters in Oregon only intended to take part in a "peaceful revolution," he said. "Everybody brought guns as self-defense measures."

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