Live Video: Police Raids In Molenbeek, Belgium

  • by: Maarten Schenk

A police raid in Brussels this morning seems to have been connected to the recent Paris terror attacks. According to Belgian media the brother of the main suspect was briefly arrested but later released again. We are keeping an eye on the story here.

Stream back up, but not showing police action tactical details:

Bekijk meer video's van vtmnieuws op nieuws.vtm.be

Bekijk meer video's van vtmnieuws op nieuws.vtm.be

Video of the suspect surrendering via a rooftop window.

UPDATE: Police have asked to no longer provide video of ongoing tactical situation, stream ended.

Explosion reported in Molenbeek, cause unknown. Might be the bomb squad.

Update: Belgian judiciary denies the man arrested was Abdeslam Salah

BREAKING: Abdeslam Salah, main suspect of the Paris terror raids, reportedly arrested according to Belgian media:

A police raid is currently going on in Molenbeek, Belgium, near Brussels, possibly in connection to the recent Paris terror attacks. Several of the Paris terrorists are known to have had connections to Molenbeek. The raid follows after recent comments that Molenbeek would be 'cleaned out' made by Jan Jambon, Belgium's Minister of Interior Affairs.

It is not clear yet who the target of the raid is, but from the video it appears the police, the fire brigade and the bomb disposal squad are all present. A sniper could also be seen perched on a roof. Local residents were urged to stay indoors via loudspeakers.

A bomb disposal robot was seen inspecting several cars in the neighbourhood.

According to reports, several bangs were heard but police denied it was gunfire, later explaining they were stun grenades.

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