Hoax Alert: British Newspaper's Report ISIS Guns Down Children In Video Is False

  • by: Alan Duke

A video purportedly showing ISIS fighters executing 200 Syrian children is actually a year-old video of the execution of soldiers captured in Syrian fighting, Lead Stories has confirmed. The London's Daily Express published a story Monday headlined: "Utterly horrifying: ISIS militants gun down hundreds of CHILDREN in most sickening video," which is suggested was a new video.

London's Daily Mail also initially reported on the video as new and with children, but the paper's online edition was revised later to say it was a mass execution of Assad soldiers captured by ISIS. The revision did not reveal it was a year-old story.

The Daily Mail and Express.co.uk did not post the video -- only screenshots. Those images, however, match up with a video posted in 2014 and still viewable via LiveLeak.com. Still, the video is disturbing and should only be viewed by those who full realize what they will see.

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