ISIS Harvests Organs, Blood From Captives To Treat Wounded Fighters, Escapee Claims

  • by: Alan Duke

ISIS doctors are harvesting kidneys and corneas from captives, while other healthy prisoners are being used as "blood banks" for wounded ISIS fighters, a man who claims to have escaped the terror group's clutches told an anti-ISIS website.

The website said it interviewed a former prisoner identified as Ado Rida who had been held in a former state security building in the Syrian city of Raqqa. Rida and three others escaped during an attack by anti-ISIS forces, he said.

"Inside the prison all kinds of torture were applied on us," Rida said. "The torturing was all day. There wasn't any specific time for it, but it wasn't for everyone."

"Some of the prisoners were having a strong bodies and healthy," he said. "They weren't get tortured, but they were taking special care of them because ISIS was using them as a blood bank to withdraw blood when they need it for his injured members."

ISIS doctors also "moved organs such as kidneys and corneas from the prisoners to the members arguing that the fate of these prisoners inevitable death and the members are deserving those organs more than their owners," the website reported.

The organ harvesting report echoes a warning by Iraqi ambassador Mohamed Alhakim earlier in the year. Alhakim called on the United Nations to investigate evidence that bodies with surgical incisions and missing body parts were recovered from a mass grave in Mosul, Iraq.

Rida also described his dramatic escape, which apparently happened around May 2015.

"At the beginning we heard several explosions and then it hit the prison where we were staying and the place was full of dust," he said. "The vision was very difficult and ISIS members were very confused. Then we tried to exploit the situation to escape from prison and we ran out. Not many of us could escape because ISIS members fired at us and wounding a large part of us and only 4 people could escape including me."

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